Custom Masks - Great for Students, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses - Anyone

Let's face it, we are going to be stuck wearing masks for some time. Why not give yourself a little extra reason to smile beneath the mask?
Our custom masks are individually printed from your image and can be printed one side, or both for reversible!
These are perfect for an image of your smile on one side and a family pet on the other.
Kids love to wear their favorite animal face (great for back to school).
Lions and Tigers and Bears - OH MY! Your look is only limited by your imagination!

Courtney and Maggie

Who wouldn't want this precious face on a mask? Magnolia's mom is wearing a large mask (Large are 13” ear to ear with 7” x 5” printable area). Also available in Medium - 13” ear to ear with 6” x 4” printable area and Small are 12” ear to ear with 5.25” x 3” printable area.

Don't forget, the clarity and quality of your mask image is only as good as your original photo. We can't make a bad picture better. We can only make it the best it can be. Ready to order? Go to FaceBook and send us a message to get the process started. Don't like FaceBook? Send us an email with Photo Mask in the subject and we can go from there, or you can always choose to purchase via Etsy.

Miss CoCo is quite used to adoration and not impressed in the least that her mom is impersonation her. She does wish a slightly more flattering image had been used. Each mask is $16.50 with and addition $5. per mask to print both sides. Masks ship for free to the lower 48 in the US, but international shipping will be actual cost less average US shipping. It seems to hover around $12 wih discount of US charges.

Calling all Cookiers and Cake Artists...

Cookie scribes used in decorating cookies, candy and fondant.
Useful for removing bubbles in royal icing
(we have been informed they are also invaluable for working with fondant).

Hand made 6 1/2 " scribes are constructed of premium beads and charms.
A must have for serious cookie artists and hobbyists alike.
These scribes make great gifts for your favorite cookier or baker (even you).
Treat yourself or anyone who appreciates the "right tool for the job".


Melissa Using Scribe

Our custom scribes make working with your royal icing a breeze.

Cookie Scribes

Custom scribes can currently be purchased on Etsy for $15.95 (shipping included to the lower 48). If you would like to purchase one for $12.95 (shipping included to the lower 48) and let the designer choose the style, send us an email with the subject line scribe.

Melissa using scribe

Your beautiful work deserves the best tools!

Please return often, we are slowly building a showcase for custom items.

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